deLeeuw's Workshop - No task too large or small.
Pens, Pencils and More
deLeeuw's Workshop began making these unique items with the Leftover pieces of wood from the piping products. We usually had material that we could not use and we did not want to throw away.
These pens and pencils were just the items we needed to use these left over pieces of wood. Most of the product here is made from exotic wood .
Even making the pens and pencils did not utilize all our leftovers so we branched into Key chains, Spinning Tops etc.
deLeeuw's Workshop works with wood and Acrylic to make these unique items.
Pen boxes are made from domestic woods.  ( Oak , Birch , Walnut, Maple etc. )
Please have a look at the pictures on this page. We have made the Pens and Pencils for schools, gifts and more.
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