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Pipes and Drums
deLeeuw’s Workshop can supply practise equipment for both drummers and pipers.  See gallery for practise chanters, Drum Sticks , Practise pads etc.
Pipe maker Jerry deLeeuw hand crafts all bagpipes he makes.
Bagpipes are by request only.  deLeeuw's Workshop can supply in wood or plastic.  Please contact us for more info.
Drum refits are also available. The pipe band our sons played with had older Premier HTS 200 drums. When we could not fit the new heads into the top ring we started looking at the rest of the drums parts as well. As a result we refit the drums to take the newer HTS 700 snares and the larger heads.  The drums are completely disassembled  and refinished as part of the refit. Lower head bolts are replaced  and the original bolts are salvaged for spare parts for the top head.
List of Retail items;
 -       Practise chanters regular wood and plastic
-        Practise Chanters full size
-        Drum Sticks
-        Drum Pads
-        Drum racks snare
-        Drum racks Bass
-        Bagpipes    Please fill out the form on the Forms Page
-        HTS 200 Side Drum Refit
See Price List for Latest Prices
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