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deLeeuw's Workshop Price List
All prices are in Canadian Funds.
Shipping is extra. Please inquire.
Pricing is subject to change. Please contact us for  quote.
  • Square Drum Pads                                    $22.50
  • Octagonal Drum Pads                               $26.00
  • Travel sized Drum Pads                              $8.50
  • Practise Chanter Wood                             $85.00  Some exceptions  apply 
  • Plastic Practise Chanter Regular              $60.00
  • Practise Chanter Full Size Plastic            $75.00
  • Bagpipes                                                      Please submit request form
    Candle sticks
  • Cambridge fountain or roller ball Pens       $85.00
  • Regular pens and pencils   from   $18.50  Please enquire
  • Stylus Pens                          $30.00
  • Specialty pens/pencils         Please request a quote
  • Candle holder  Set           $65.00
  • HTS 200 Drum refit          $200.00 all parts extra
Please note these are standard prices only. Please inquire and we will send you a price on your special project.
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